What is Aleph Citadel?

A citadel with a high standard of living that targets the niche of carnivorous maximalist bitcoiners.
Managed by an operator in line with the ethos of the bitcoiner community.

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How do we do it?

With a social contract that you actually sign.


The place where the contract will be implemented

It is the Trust that owns the land where the new Aleph Citadel will be physically located.


The site where to publish and sign it

An online platform where it is possible to find the citadel tailored to the worldview of each resident, a site to get the perfect lot and manage your onboarding.


Aleph Touristic Ranch

The foundation stone of the citadel consisting of a tourist complex to kick-start the settlement.

Who are our users?



Individuals and families looking to return to the essence of a country lifestyle without giving up the advances and comforts of contemporary urban homes.


Digital nomads

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers in the digital and knowledge economies. Work teams looking for a change of scenery while on an extended team retreat. Hobbyists and enthusiasts of rural tourism, gastronomic tourism and business tourism.



libertarians, carnivores, offgriders, sovereign individuals and families looking forward to exercising the multi-flag theory.